Dried Cordycep Mushrooms Cultivated


Dried Cordycep Mushrooms Cultivated.

Cordycep mushrooms are cultivated.  We will send you an instruction sheet on how to make these into a tea or tincture.

The powders come In re-closing bags. Product of the USA Organic and Kosher Certified.

Please research the benefits of the cordyceps online.

Also known as Cordyceps Miltaris,, caterpillar fungus, dong chong zia cao.

The wild form of Cordyceps is rare and expensive; consequently, a strain isolated from the wild form is now cultivated and commonly used.

Constituents Adenine, adenosine, uracil, uridine, guanidine, guanosine, hypoxanthine, inosine, thymine, thymidine, and deoxyuridine.

Typical Preparations Traditionally prepared in Chinese medicine as a broth, it can also be used as an extract, as a tea, or in capsules.
Summary While Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, modern research affirms its value.
Precautions Excessive use may cause mild diarrhea, dry mouth, and nausea
Supplement Facts for the mycelium powder: (this is the only cordyceps that are organic)

Serving Size: 1 tsp

Amount per Serving ______ 1 tsp ______ %DV
Organic Cordyceps** ___ 2,000 mg ______ *

*Daily Value not established
**Activated cordyceps mushroom mycelium preparation.
Other ingredients: organic myceliated brown rice. Mycelium is extremely important.

Precaution: Excessive use may cause mild diarrhea, dry mouth, and nausea. If you have low blood sugar or an auto-immune disorder, do not use, since Cordyceps tends to lower blood sugar and significantly increase immunity. Which is good news for most people, but not really studied for those with these conditions.
We recommend that you take 2 teaspoons a day. You can mix it in with a smoothy.
Please consult a physician or someone who does natural medication.