RITUAL: A Five Mushroom Blend Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar


Mushroom Blend Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar.

Handmade by Buoyant’s top chocolatiers, our Ritual “Mushrooms with Benefits” Chocolate Bar is crafted of premium rich dark chocolate with our special Five Mushroom Blend of Lion’s Mane (focus), Cordyceps (stamina), Reishi (stress), Chaga (relaxation) and Shiitake (stress) mushrooms delivering a functional and delicious dessert that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The addition of Espresso Salt and Gusto Rico Coffee Paste to our premium dark chocolate and creative mushroom brew delivers a delicious and memorable Espresso taste to your palette. Whether eaten as a bar as an after dinner treat or mixed into your morning breakfast routine, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the daily benefits to be derived from this innovative and functional mushroom chocolate treat.

See our backside product label to learn more about Mushrooms with Benefits!

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