microdosing mdma

microdosing mdma

What Is Microdosing mdma?

Microdosing mdma is a new trend in substance abuse has taken hold of creative professionals and entrepreneurs, especially in Silicon Valley: microdosing LSD, MDMA, and more. Reportedly, taking a fraction of what is considered a recreational dose of these drugs can improve mood, physical and mental stimulation, and – most importantly to those who practice microdosing – creative thinking. However, microdosing may also be dangerous, especially when it is unregulated or unsupervised.

Is Microdosing Dangerous?

Taking any illicit substance is very harmful, even if the drug is not considered addictive. Illicit substances are more likely to be laced with adulterants, including other potent drugs like fentanyl, ketamine, or methamphetamines.

As a new, trendy movement, microdosing is not understood very well. There are known risks associated with larger, recreational doses of the most popular drugs in the movement, but there is little information about taking low doses over a long period of time. Medical researchers can only infer the potential risks, which can include dependence, tolerance, abuse, and addiction.

Microdosing exposes the individual to consistent doses of potent drugs, which increases the risk of developing an addiction. We can offer you the best mdma and other psychedelic product on our shop.

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