Dual Extracts-Tinctures.

There is approximately 616 mg per dropper.

We extract the mushrooms in alcohol for 60 days, and then we put the mushrooms in hot water for the water extraction. The dual extraction makes the medicinal properties of the mushrooms readily available for your body to use.

I am guessing that you have done your research on the mushrooms before coming to us for your medicinal mushrooms.

We take the tinctures daily, and I have only had a very mild cold that lasted about 24 hours. It has been around 6 years, since we have been taking the tinctures. I would not sell anything that I don’t believe in.  I honestly use to get sick all of the time.

You can take more of the tincture if you want to. I was taking 2 teaspoons a day for quite a while with no side effects. The dosage we recommend is just maintenance. If you are using the tincture to treat an ailment, you can take more.

Consult a doctor or professional health care practitioner if you are taking prescription drug, have a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing.  I always recommend a naturopath. They are trained in using natural remedies.

This is a dual extract mushroom tincture (mushroom extract).

Shake before using.

There will be some mushroom body in with a few of the extracts because there is no way to remove all of the mushroom body from the extract without expensive equipment. We strain out as much as possible.

Take 2-3 droppers, twice daily.  Mix with any liquid.



30 % Grain Alcohol


Different types of extracts (tinctures)

Dual Mushroom Extracts-Tinctures

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